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About Shaddix and Associates
In 1974 Janet Shaddix Elling Graduated from the Elsa Cooper School of Court Reporting in Detroit, MI. She quickly worked as a freelance reporter in Detroit, Omaha and the Twin Cities. She spent one year as an official reporter for Hennepin County before starting here own freelance firm Shaddix & Associates in 1979. She went on to do some of the most notable hearings and was the first reporter to work with real-time captioning and brought this technology to our community. Janet was elected and served as the President of MCRA (Minnesota Court Reporters Association) for a number of years in the early 90's and she served as a member of the NCRA Rule 30 Task Force and the NCRA GAINS Committee. Her passion and dedication to her profession is self described as "A profound interest in the continuation and enhancement of the court reporting profession." From start to finish every single transcript that she produces is her pride and joy - and the same for the reporters working for the firm.  She has dedicated her life to her company and values the people who work for Shaddix & Associates. 
We are Owner operated right here in Minneapolis, MN. Since the company opened in 1979, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family and we will always continue to do so!
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